Here at Croslands we offer a unique Police training program.


This custom training program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of drugs officers.

The program offers training in all aspects of steroid use.
•Changing usage social groups and motivations behind usage
•How users construct cycles and common compounds used. Usage trends and typical quantities used
•Product recognition and costings and all levels of distribution.
•Manufacturing processes and costings
•Wholesale quantities and costings
•End users dosages and costings
•Relevant side effects and user behaviour
•Personal use or supply
•Interview tips, relevant questions and processing the information.
•Exclusive support paperwork and reference material.
•Ongoing telephone support

This program gives officers an in depth knowledge of steroid use and supply. Providing them with the knowledge required to assess quantities and types of drugs seized, enabling more efficient processing of information saving both time and money and leading to more effective prosecutions.

Here at Croslands we have successfully delivered training at maidstone Police Training College as well as Thames Valley and West Yorkshire Police Federation.

“Drug expert evidence coordinator Kent and Essex Police -Adrian Parsons”