Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs use with young people has grown massively over the last 5 years here at Croslands we have one of the country’s leading experts on the subject. We have in excess of 25 years experience and specialise in this everchanging field.


This is a very complex and ever changing field and here at Croslands we constantly research and develop our programs working closely with some of the worlds leading experts.

Ever increasing social image pressure on both sexes has resulted in a boom in image enhancing drugs resulting in usage in the uk being. in excess of 2 million people.

A lot of the health risks involved with usage are still unknown, research into usage is in its infancy and new developments and health risks continue to be discovered.

We not only tackle the health risks with usage but we also explore the reasons behind usage and natural alternatives.

Realistic expectations and the high use of photoshop in magazines and promotional literature

however it doesnt stop there. here at croslands we recognise that the whole field of over the counter supplements is a minefield for young people and parents alike so presentations cover the most popular supplements, how they work, the dangers of their abuse and the ones that are just quite simply a waste of money and time.

we discuss healthy eating and the modern phenomena of malnutrition in young people and over the counter stimulant abuse.

We at croslands have also developed a GCSE PE supportive presentation covering the areas covered by the national curriculum. This presentation gives an entertaining and supportive addition to any educational lesson.