Drug education specialists Croslands have been providing substance-misuse education for almost two decades. We specialize in providing Drug Education For secondary and higher education pupils. We conduct extensive drug research and offer education and solutions for all kinds of drug abuse including heroin, legal highs, cocaine and cannabis.

We offer drug education and training in schools and workplaces specifically aimed towards the target audience. We also have a comprehensive portfolio of leaflets, handouts and documentation for a range of different drugs and scenarios.


An Excerpt From Cannabis: The Real Deal

The following text is taken from our “Cannabis: The Real Deal” leaflet which is part of our AXL (Alcohol & Drug Education, Extreme Challenge and Life Skills) series aimed towards children and young adults:

Alcohol and drugs cannot actually create any effect (or ‘buzz’) in the brain: all they can do is activate the miraculous “free drugs” that are already in there.

Anandamide is one of those free drugs. All cannabis can do is imitate what this free drug does for us. So how can you get a free Anandamide high?

Any time you have ever felt wonderfully relaxed and happy after playing football or dancing or running, you have, actually, been ‘stoned’ on Anandamide!

Any time you have got the giggles after a fright, like watching a horror movie or going on a rollercoaster, you have been ‘buzzed’ on Anandamide! Combining comedy and exercise can double the dose!

You can get a “free drug buzz” from other things as well.

Other powerful neurotransmitters include Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin and the Endorphins.

A dose of Adrenaline you get from, for example, playing paintball, is the equivalent to the force of a wrap of Speed!

The Serotonin high you get from bonding with your mates is the equivalent of an Ecstasy tablet. The Dopamine released into your brain after you have achieved something you set out to do can be as effective as heroin.

Drugs are a poor imitation of the real thing. To get a real head rush, learn more about neurotransmitters and how to activate them.

Happiness really is all in your head!

Legal highs

Legal Highs is the term given to substances that produce the same effects in the human body as illegal drugs do. Such Legal Highs and their dangers and ill effects are still unknown, owing to inadequate research. Though these substances are declared unfit for human consumption, they are often sold under the guise of research chemicals, bath salts or plant food. In today’s society, these substances are often used as sedatives or psychedelics.

Many Legal Highs acts as a stimulant & causes the mind to feel uninhibited. This can make users more likely to take risks and to put their lives in danger. Legal highs are combinations of chemicals whose affects on the body are unknown, when problems occur, the hospitals and paramedics do not know how to treat users, as they have no idea what substance they are dealing with. Taking two or more legal highs can create a completely new chemical, one that has not been seen before or dealt with by the emergency service