Croslands Harm Reduction Services specialise in providing concise, informative and effective drug training to a wide range of professions, as well as advice to individual users.
We have over 20 years experience in harm reduction services. We specialise in Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs. We are leading experts in PIEDS and are regarded as one of the Nations foremost authorities in this field. We have worked closely with the National Steroid Research Centre on several projects and our presenters have been lead speakers at their national conference.


  • Drugs
  • Pieds + Supplements
  • Training + Counselling
  • Police Training
  • Alcohol Education

Our subscription service offers individual PIED users access to one to one advice as well as access to our hormone library and our prescription drug library. Subscription also enables the subscriber to access articles by leading authorities such as Dr Michael Scally and Anders Nedergaard on drug development PCT risk minimisation and other PIED related topics. Articles are added on a regular basis enabling subscribers to keep up to date with developments within the field of pieds. We also offer individual training and counselling, certain services do require a surcharge but all charges will be made clear before any consultation is given.

Our PIED’s division is regarded as the market leader in this country, having developed the steroid and supplement education program for the Army and RAF.
We have assisted Government Agencies, Emergency services, Correctional facilities, as well as drug support agency in training and educational program development.
Our presentations are specifically tailored towards our target audiences with a mixture of humour and science. We don’t preach the evils of drug use as this has been proven to be ineffective. Our approach is one of education and risk management supported with facts and the real life experiences of our presenters.
For example, we have developed programs specifically aimed at teenagers delivering the message in a language and style that they can easily identify with, ensuring concise and effective delivery of the key points to, without doubt, one of the most vulnerable groups.
Customized presentations and education programs to suit any specific need are available. If you require any more information or would like to book a free introductory presentation please do not hesitate to get in touch.